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IXC has been launched in 2011 through the merger of multiple calling card operators and long-distance service providers within the United States.

Since establishment IXC has become a well known and respected player in the industry providing superior voice termination and calling card services combined with highest network availability and professional customer support.

We take pride in our low cost structure, and pass on the benefit to our customers and resellers/agents with the best service and prices in the industry. We are backed by a strong technology infrastructure using world-renowned platforms from Sonus Networks, Genband and Cisco in our carrier-class facilities in New York, Dallas and Los Angeles.

IXC services are available to both wholesale and retail carriers across the world. Regardless of you being an incumbent carrier, mobile operator, LDO/IGW operator, calling-card operator, broadband telephony service provider, call-center, or even a small call-shop owner, we are equipped with the right systems and expertise to serve your wholesale voice needs efficiently and effectively.

IXC serves more than 500 carriers, ranging from the world’s largest telecom carriers to innovative, emerging providers. IXC can enhance the success of your international business with our unmatched portfolio of international voice products and value added services.


Quality at the Center of our Business

At IXC we understand the critical importance that quality plays in customer loyalty. That is why we are committed to continuously improving quality, to enable you to grow top and bottom line revenue, to do business more efficiently and optimize the end-user experience. Our quality approach spans technology, investments, people and expertise. We are pioneers in anti-fraud initiatives, having deployed the industry’s first near-real-time False Answer Supervision (FAS) detection and remediation solution and continue our efforts to eliminate FAS across supplier networks and throughout the industry.


Key Features

  • 1 Billion+ minutes terminated annually – the industry’s largest and most popular international wholesale voice termination service portfolio.
  • Interconnection options that include Private or Public IP.
  • Flexible, profitable partnership models that range from managed back-office tools to full management of your voice business.
  • Voice Termination Service comprised of three service levels to meet unique cost and quality objectives.
  • Guaranteed CLI delivery to over 260+ mobile destinations with Retail Connect.
  • 100% direct routing assurance on 500+ global destinations with Retail Connect.
  • 200+ direct connections to our mobile network partners.
  • Comprehensive portfolio of access services including ITFS, UIFN, and Local Number Service.
  • The industry’s most comprehensive anti-FAS tools, procedures, and policies.

Key Benefits

  • Increase customer loyalty and retain revenue with a wide variety of high-quality, innovative voice solutions.
  • Take advantage of the reach, scale and cost efficiencies of a network spanning 240 countries, and our relationships with over 1000 service providers.
  • Deliver the best quality for your most profitable voice services with Retail Connect.
  • Proactively address issues before they become tickets with proactive monitoring of supplier and core network quality.
  • Deliver a crystal-clear calling experience and maximize profitability for international voice and roaming traffic with HD Voice

Statement of Qualifications

IXC success has been built on following core fundamentals:

  • VENDORS: Voice Termination ONLY from Best-of-Breed carriers.
  • QUALITY: Test, Manage and Monitor Quality & Cost for Best Value.
  • TEAM: Employ the greatest telecom professionals in the industry.
  • NETWORK: We are maintaining 100% redundant state-of-the-art network.
  • SUPPORT: Deliver 24/7/365 support that is fast acting.

Quality and Value is our TOP priority

Our philosophy is a strict set of protocols and procedures implemented to deliver constant Premium Voice Termination. Our Quality of Service (QoS) starts with the obtaining the service from “Best of Breed” Carriers. We test every route before adding it to our routing and evaluate performance based on strict performance criteria. We review Cost per Minute against performance to ensure optimal quality and value. Network alarm and performance monitoring software thresholds are set for call completion and Average Call Duration at or above industry norms and when an issue arises; we promptly remove faulty under line carrier. Last, our Routing / QoS Engineers have a strong evaluation and strategy to maintain the continuity of our service.



In the today highly competitive world of Voice Termination, IXC is continually successful winning business in the most aggressive customers LCR. IXC is uniquely trained in combining aggressive rates with high quality. In conclusion buying and selling low rate and quality service is not difficult, what separates IXC from most of its competitors is the ability to deliver high quality service at the best market rate.


Network Infrastructure

IXC has a fully deployed and sophisticated digital switching network using Genband, the premier «Next-Generation» Soft-Switch technology, for emerging Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) for incoming/origination as well as outgoing/termination interconnections. IXC has a fully redundant IP network of private MPLS connectivity, and Public-IP via Tier-I carriers, and over a hundred traditional Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) Sonus trunk ports at DS-3 signaling levels offering robust quality and unmatched ASR, ACD, and PDD. Our wholesale voice carrier network offers you scalability in terms of capacity and destinations.

Wholesale services offered by IXC equally suit carriers seeking multiple STM-1 capacity as well as smaller carriers seeking a reliable A to Z wholesale routing partner. We encourage smaller voice players to partner with us to meet all of their wholesale voice traffic needs.


Mission Statement

IXC’s mission is to provide reliable service and quality customer care to all of its customers. Our network is comprised of Tier-I telecommunication and bandwidth carriers to ensure quality and reliability.


Transparent Business Practices

We believe that in order to gain the confidence and trust of our vendors, customers and the industry, we must be transparent. This goal is accomplished in many ways.


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