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VOICE Termination

Voice termination is a telecommunications need, not a want. Your business demands consistent voice network performance with flexible options and competitive pricing. We know the marketplace is challenging, and we understand the world’s largest and most demanding service providers. The IXC’s Voice Termination service offers interconnection and termination options that are delivered worldwide over the powerful IXC’s network. With one of North America’s largest next-generation networks, we have the operational control for end-to-end quality management of your voice traffic. And IXC is one of the only carriers that allows you to custom manage your international service quality and rates on the same trunk group as domestic service. Our integrated TDM and IP voice backbone delivers on the promise of convergence.


International Termination

International A to Z Voice Termination service is competitively priced on a per-minute basis and managed in real-time to help you build your investment in international business.

Domestic Termination

Domestic Voice Termination is a carrier-class wholesale service enables your subscribers to terminate an IP-based call to anywhere within United States and Canada.


Flexible Options, Customized To Your Business

Many larger carriers have only one routing table for all their wholesale customers, and are therefore unable act quickly to accommodate individual customer requirements. IXC offers the flexibility to choose from four levels of pricing and quality suited for your specific needs.


Customizing Voice Business with Flexible Options

Not all carriers and resellers have the same business requirements. The IXC International Voice Termination service provides a broad range of customizable routing, pricing, and billing increment options. Whether you are selling services into wholesale or retail markets, you can get the right combination of pricing and performance to meet your specific needs.



Managing Voice Business as a Profit Center

IXC is one of the only carriers that can offer you the ability to custom manage your service quality and rates on the same trunk group as domestic international voice termination service. Or for carriers with high volumes of international traffic, IXC can arrange interconnection directly into one or more of our international Gateway switches, which are strategically located on the East (New York) and West Coasts (Los Angeles) of the United States. Either way, IXC provides you with dedicated account management for your international voice termination traffic.


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