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Single Interconnection for all Domestic Voice Termination needs

IXC’s Domestic Voice Termination is a carrier-class wholesale service enables your subscribers to terminate an IP-based call to anywhere within United States and Canada. IXC terminates local, interstate and intrastate voice calls. Intelligent Routing, Direct Packet Peering with participating carriers, mediated ENUM and LRN assures the lowest possible price with highest quality. IXC can accommodate specific needs of service providers to design personalized solutions based on their unique requirements. Competitively priced, jurisdiction-free service for IP-to-PSTN Termination includes the following features.


Key Features

  • 165,000 NPA NXX rates covering 48 states of the USA and Canada
  • 65,000 NPA NXX covering our USA on-net
  • 8,000 NPA NXX covering 40 Canadian cities on-net
  • Toll-Free Termination
  • LRN based routing
  • 6 second billing increment
  • Access to the network that terminated 300 million minutes of domestic voice traffic
  • Access to Tier 1 & 2 carriers from all over US and Canada
  • Access to 19 mobile carriers from all over US and Canada

Domestic Termination services are aimed to empower clients of all sizes alike with the ability to terminate calls with no channel restrictions at an extremely fast pace. With an install base capable of handling 1,000,000 calls per hour and having long term clients doing as much as 100,000 calls per hour, you can be sure of a tried and tested IXC Domestic Termination services for your termination requirements.


Your customers reach the Domestic Voice Termination

IXC’s Domestic Voice Termination service gives you a complete solution for global calling needs while providing the optimal combination of high quality and competitive rates to any global destination.

IXC switching equipment resides in one of the largest carrier hotels in New York City and Los Angeles where we maintain high quality connections to our carriers. We have developed a proprietary routing mechanism allowing us to provide our customers with the capacity and stability they need, regardless of size or location. If one of our facilities becomes unavailable, another facility automatically begins routing calls, with little to no customer impact.

IXC unique routing allows us to serve customers who may require only a single outbound call at a time, up to large call centers who need to make hundreds of concurrent calls. We interface to our customers using the industry standard SIP and H.323 protocols.


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