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Virtual Tandem Service

IXC’s Virtual Tandem Service allows a CLEC to home their DIDs to one of our gateway markets, allowing you to easily enter into a desired marketplace without having to do your own build out. Your business will maintain End Office POI and switch CLLI and designate IXC switch as its tandem in the LERG. This will allow new CLEC, IPES, NG MVNO or FCC Waiver entrants to instantly acquire significant geographical authoritative presence—simplifying your voice while reducing costs and gaining redundancy of your network.

IXC owns and operates its own tier 1 network, which allows for ultimate security and redundancy. We backhaul the traffic across the network and terminate to a customer’s softswitch. Our reliable and flexible network gives you access to RBOC/ILEC Tandems:

  • Over 100 LATAs.
  • 217 ILEC Tandems.
  • Access to 603 Class 5 switches and MSCs.
  • Over 4,300 Rate Centers.

The benefits to help scale your business include:

  • Savings on transit per minute rates as well as transport for interconnection.
  • No local/SS7 facilities cost.
  • Streamlined interconnection, saves CAPEX on switch ports.
  • No backhaul.
  • All-IP, scalable network with diverse routes and supporting SIP and TDM
  • 24×7 Network support provides premium reliability
  • CABS billing mediation

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